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    SK 15 2V

    The Spiral Dough Mixer is the ideal equipment for working doughs for Pizzerias, Pastries, bakeries and families. The particular shape of the spiral allows you in few minutes to get a perfectly mixed dough. Bowl, spiral, dough breaker and bowl protection are made in stainless steel respecting the health rules. The Spiral Dough Mixer has a chain transmission system and gear motor in oil bath ensuring strength and quietness in time. The mixers can be equipped with: Mono/three phase motor, 2 speed three phase motor. Speed and motor with special voltage. All machines are guaranteed for 1 year against mechanical manufacturing defects.


SK 15 TR SK 15 MO SK 15 2V
Bowl volume [It] 16 16 16
Capacity [Kg] 12 12 12
Power 0,75Hp / 0,55Kw 0,75Hp / 0,55Kw 1-1,5Hp / 0,75-1,1Kw
Power supply Threephase 400V Monophase 230V Threephase 2 Geschwindigkeit
Weight [Kg] 67 68 73,5
Bathtub dimensions [mm] 320 x 210h 320 x 210h 320 x 210h
Outsude dimensions [mm] 400 x 630 x 700h 400 x 630 x 700h 400 x 630 x 700h
Package dimensions [mm] 450 x 770 x 840h 450 x 770 x 840h 450 x 770 x 840h
Code 7010131015 7010121015 7010141015